Friday, July 27, 2012

Open Letter To City Manager John Pietig

Laguna Beach: Treasure Island ParkFirst lets get up to speed. If you haven't read the latest regarding security harrasing folks in Treasure Island Park then please read:,0,7354963.story

From the article I get the impression that City Manager John Pietig thinks there is still something he can do for the homeowners adjacent to the park. I quote for the article:
Pietig said Wednesday that the city will review the letter and related documents. The city is working with the Montage and concerned residents to address the issues.
Working with them? You work for the entire city John not just a small group of over-indulged, whining, homeowners. The best thing you can do Mr Pietig is to back-off. The Coastal Commission has spoken on the issue and all you need to do is Salute and move on.

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