Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Day After

Laguna Beach: The Day AfterThe City does a really good job of getting itself cleaned up after a big holiday like July 4th. This was July 5, 2011.

05:21 AM -1.21 feet Low Tide
05:47 AM Sunrise
07:56 AM Moonset
11:47 AM 4.41 feet High Tide
04:54 PM 1.74 feet Low Tide
08:05 PM Sunset
09:33 PM Moonrise
11:01 PM 6.14 feet High Tide


  1. Steve S.7:48 PM


    You're right about the good cleanup; just the very thing that crossed my mind with your 2008 4th of July photo below!

    ...And what a contrast in weather from last year to this year's 4th...It even looks chilly!

  2. jeannie:-)9:45 AM

    It looks beautiful! I sure do miss that area. Appreciate all of your great photos and comments, John! Keep up the good work. I check in every day for my "fix" :-)