Friday, June 29, 2012

Non-Profits Create Big Bucks

Laguna Beach: Sawdust FestivalThe lead for the story in the OC Register says it all:
Nonprofit arts groups in the city and their audiences contributed more than $49 million to the economy in 2010, in addition to supporting more than 1,300 jobs.
Here's the complete story:

OK we need clarification here. The Sawdust Festival was not one of the non-profits mentioned in the story. Hell I don't even know if the Sawdust is a non-profit. But I just spent the whole morning at the Sawdust and I hate to waste a photograph. Not to mention many, many photographs.

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  1. Good guess -- the Sawdust was one of the nonprofit groups included in the report. Glad to see a good turnout for opening day!