Friday, June 01, 2012

Looks Clean

Laguna Beach: Bird Rock & Heisler PointBeach Water Quality Report Card:
The Heal the Bay organization has released its annual beach report. The report is known for grading beaches, bays, and harbors to summarize water quality testing results recorded over the year. Letter grades are awarded to summarize summer dry seasons and wet weather seasons. The Laguna Beach grades were generally favorable along the coast with mostly A’s and A+ grades for local beaches throughout the year. The following local beaches were recognized on the Heal the Bay 2011-2012 Beach Report Card Honor Roll for California for excellent water quality all year: Victoria Beach; Blue Lagoon; Treasure Island Pier; Treasure Island Sign; Aliso Creek- 1000’ north; Table Rock; Laguna Lido Apartments; 9th St.; and 1000 Steps Beach.

01:44 AM -0.26 feet Low Tide
03:13 AM Moonset
05:42 AM Sunrise
07:49 AM 3.65 feet High Tide
12:55 PM 1.31 feet Low Tide
05:09 PM Moonrise
07:25 PM 6.26 feet High Tide
07:57 PM Sunset

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  1. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!12:26 PM

    FACT #1: HTB does NOT do the water quality sampling themselves. They collect the data fed to them by the public agencies who perform the grab sampling and take to their biased labs. There is no chain of evidence capacity. It's well-known that OC Health has the ability to only take samples where they know that results, the conditions will appear to be better than they generally are---This is called "cherry picking."
    So HTB only INTERPRETS, they do NOT analyze anything other than the data given them, it's more like a non-profit, feel good marketing and promo device than a real picture ---The fox guarding the henhouse metaphor. Poor results would trigger fines & negative PR, hence public agencies massage the image. Tourist-based economies like ours don't want to tell the truth, it's bad for business.
    FACT #2: Agencies, under AB 411 which triggered the mandatory testing, are only required to monitor for 3 different bacteria that cause eye, ear, nose & throat problems, flu-like but not mortal symptoms. It was intended to detect potential human waste (sewage) discharges via markers. They don't test for parasites, or viruses like HEP A either.
    It is still widely held by many of us that the downward plunge in tidal and near shore marine populations is due to the TOXINS and heavy metals, the carcinogenic contaminants in urban runoff especially high after heavy rains, NOT the 3 bacteria tested for. So that MLPA process can protect from over-fishing, but if they're constantly being poisoned, what good is that? Notice all of the warning about not eating locally caught fish due to mercury, etc.? Most say don't eat locally caught fish more than once per week.
    So your government tests for a non life-threatening gamut of microbes at places with low concentrations, hand the results over to EPA & HTB, everybody goes home happy. Except the aquatics. That HTB Report Card is for water quality ignorants and happy face tourist bureaus. You're not being told the technical truth, you're being manipulated---It gives a false sense of security to an increasingly alarming situation.
    Don't test, don't tell. What would be news is if HTB, or Surfrider or Copastkeepers spent some of their budget millions to actually test for the things that OC Health doesn't. Then you'd know the REAL chemical composition of the ocean, not a green washed, propaganda version.