Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicken S***

Laguna Beach: Chicken S***Now we know why KFC got the hell out of that building.

Looks like the new tenant is left holding the bag. Could it be a bag of S***?

Here's the story in the CoastLine Pilot or whatever they're calling themselves today.

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  1. Roger E. Butow12:38 PM

    I've read at least 3 different accounts with interviews regarding this joint....The guy shovels a lot of BS in all 3, the story keeps changing....Oh, I'm sorry, EVOLVING.
    I'm a builder, and if he's still going to pursue it, pulling the plans completely (not amending/altering them) means that he won't be opening anytime this year. It might require going back to DRB Hell for one thing.
    And if the doozy about in the Fall he's going to Harvard Law School instead is true, well, if your parents offered to either (A) Put you through Harvard, or (B) Open a risky business in a down economy, which would you take? Especially if your folk's seed money for that biz might be tied up for 5 years in courtrooms? Maybe junior will have passed the bar & BE a lawyer by then, spring his folks from prison or something?
    Yeah, that's exactly what we needed anyway, another $12 burger patty with fries opportunity to replace the artery-clogging KFC cheap crap.
    And that $10,000 in cash he lost that the LB Lifeguard found and returned? He said it was to pay his contractor. There's some more BS. You can't write off cash pay, were they undocumented, did they even exist, so what's really the story here? So much intrigue, yet no one pressed the "What WERE you doing walking around with that kind of flash wad of dough?" issue.
    The only thing that hasn't changed is that the space still sits empty and hardly touched.More Urban Blight instead of Urban Bite.