Saturday, April 07, 2012

Another Nice Day At The Beach

Laguna Beach: Beach SceneTides:
2012-04-07 Sat 04:18 AM -0.99 feet Low Tide
2012-04-07 Sat 06:30 AM Sunrise
2012-04-07 Sat 06:50 AM Moonset
2012-04-07 Sat 10:29 AM 4.61 feet High Tide
2012-04-07 Sat 04:02 PM 0.56 feet Low Tide
2012-04-07 Sat 07:17 PM Sunset
2012-04-07 Sat 08:49 PM Moonrise
2012-04-07 Sat 10:19 PM 6.20 feet High Tide


  1. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!4:16 PM

    Trying to see if I'm asleep at the wheel?
    Yep, that slurpy drool is highly contaminated urban runoff because it hasn't rained in a it's not natural fresh water flow, it's Toxic Soup with herbicides, pesticides, carcinogens and a gamut of pathogenic bacteria!
    The warning signs about the pollution are tiny so barely noticeable, hence go basically unheeded. For those with under-developed immunity systems (children), those with compromised systems (infirm), or the elderly with waning/depleted protection systems, this is especially hazardous caca.
    For people with open sores or cuts, immersion can allow flesh-eating microbes an easy way into the body. This has and can happen, even causing death because the microbes begin eating/shutting down internal organs quickly.
    It defines both a public and attractive nuisance in a legal sense, but then if these people had sense they'd try to figure out where this water came from----It's a combination of un-caring and ineffective government/regulatory oversight and an IQ test.
    Maybe it culls the herd?

    1. Gee Roger it took you long enough. It was actually worse than it looks in the photo.

    2. Anonymous1:11 AM

      Hey John,

      As a long time bodyboarder at Aliso I have always been concerned about the water quality. I stumbled onto your blog after reading articles on Roger Butow. I am hoping to join groups bringing attention to the beach and that creek. Any insight or information or grumpy old rumblings you want to send me your blessing on I would be happy to reference and link back to you on. I do a lot of writing for Scotty Carter Fine Art who focus on waves photograhy much of which is at Aliso. Let me know. I feel like I can expand your voice and get info in front of people that routinely surf that beach! What do you think?

  2. jeannie5:51 PM

    Culling the herd might help but I hope the problem doesn't go ignored much longer.