Saturday, March 03, 2012

Patriots Day Parade

Laguna Beach: VolleyballNo that's Volleyball.

Laguna Beach: Patriots Day ParadeThis is it. This is my favorite car of the parade. Every year it's my favorite. When I see it on the road on all other days it makes me smile. Lovely car. Now back to the parade.

Laguna Beach: Patriots Day ParadeLaguna Beach: Patriots Day ParadeAnd lastly the official parade photographer, Doug Miller. Doug is LAGUNA. Doug is the SAWDUST. Doug is the Patriot's Day Parade. Has he ever been the Grand Marshall? Probably not. Should he be? YES!

Laguna Beach: Doug Miller Patriots Day Parade Offical Photographer

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  1. Steve S.2:16 PM

    In the top picture, that's a French classic Citroën 2CV built between 1948 to 1990. The pictured one above appears to be a pre-1960 unit. There was almost 4 million of these made during those production years.

    It's a cool and very simple car!