Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lawn Care

Laguna Beach: Lawn CareTides:
06:26 AM 5.79 feet High Tide
06:33 AM Sunrise
01:32 PM -0.93 feet Low Tide
05:38 PM Sunset
07:57 PM 4.11 feet High Tide
01:07 AM 1.54 feet Low Tide


  1. Steve S.6:25 PM

    It looks like it could use a little more "lawn care". It looks like it's half dirt.

    1. And WHO pays for all that lawn car? For a lawn that is rarely used. And when it is very few use it.

      So again who PAYS the bill?

  2. Steve S.1:21 PM

    If the LBLBC is private owned and thus privately funded, then I see no issue with the relatively small numbers of 150-194 members that I've seen quoted. However, if the LB City taxpayers are pitching in, I would have to question if this is the best use for the greatest number of it's citizens. I have not come across any data on the total actual funding of this facility. Can anyone enlighten me?