Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

Laguna Beach: Feeding FrenzyTides:
05:38 AM 1.07 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Sunrise
11:31 AM 3.38 feet High Tide
05:03 PM 1.41 feet Low Tide
05:45 PM Sunset
11:42 PM 4.55 feet High Tide

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  1. Steve S.11:36 AM

    Feeding birds can be risky! Especially if there are lots of them!

    Many years ago, myself, my wife and at the time our young son, about the age of three, had went to "feed the ducks" at a local lake one nice winter day.

    On this day there were very few other people at the park and lake, actually almost none.

    We arrived with what we thought was an adequate and well-armed supply of bread ( 3 or 4 loaves) purchased from a local day-old bakery.

    All had started out well with the tossing of torn-up pieces of bread to a few busily quacking ducks, and then along came a goose, which made it all the more interesting, so we continued on with our feeding, but the ducks kept arriving along with more of the geese, many more!

    At first we were with incredulous disbelief and even delightfully humored by the quantities, until we realized that there were hundreds of them and they were still coming.

    Our bread supply had now quickly dwindled to less than half a loaf of bread and the ducks and geese became more competitive and vastly more aggressive, especially the geese.

    I then told my wife to run with my son quickly to get back into the car, as I myself at the same time was stepping backwards away as fast as possible while being completely surrounded by hungry aggressive biting geese, even now from the backside, along with a flurry of hungry ducks below my feet everywhere, all the while tossing the remaining few now crumpled shingles of bread trying mostly in vain to distract the most aggressive of the bunch, until I myself too reached the safe haven of our car!

    I've never looked at ducks and geese the same way again, most of all those geese!

    Maybe Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 suspense/horror film, “The Birds” isn’t fiction at all?