Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome To 2012

Laguna Beach: PCH and BroadwaySome things will never change.

03:14 AM 4.49 feet High Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
10:36 AM 1.74 feet Low Tide
03:52 PM 2.74 feet High Tide
04:54 PM Sunset
08:55 PM 1.89 feet Low Tide


  1. Anne W.3:58 PM

    Best wishes for 2012.
    Thank you for this great blog :)

  2. Steve S.6:33 PM

    Here's a blast from the past, an almost identical picture location at PCH & Broadway St., almost 45 years earlier.

    John, thanks for working so hard on Laguna Beat!

    Happy New Year to you and all!