Friday, December 16, 2011

The Old Landing For The Rockpile Beach Steps

Laguna Beach: Old Rockpile Steps LandingOn Tuesday's post I erred when I said I took the photo from the old Rockpile steps. I actually took the photo from around the corner near Memorial Point. I realized my error right after I put the post up but left it anyway. I'm surprised no one called me on it. I would have, for sure.

This photo does show where the steps once where. The landing was a great place to stand during high tides. Kinda' miss it.

01:35 AM 4.11 feet High Tide
06:49 AM Sunrise
06:51 AM 2.51 feet Low Tide
12:23 PM 4.25 feet High Tide
04:45 PM Sunset
07:18 PM 0.48 feet Low Tide

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