Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Told You It Wasn't Worth It.

Laguna Beach: Typical ShoppersBut would you listen? Nooooooo. Now look at the mess you got us in.

2011-12-27 4:07 AM 2.00 feet Low Tide
2011-12-27 6:54 AM Sunrise
2011-12-27 10:12 AM 5.83 feet High Tide
2011-12-27 4:50 PM Sunset
2011-12-27 5:19 PM -0.68 feet Low Tide
2011-12-27 11:55 PM 4.17 feet High Tide


  1. Steve S.10:34 PM

    It was reported earlier, that they were both overheard individually by friends and family over the past holidays shouting out, "I really lost my head again!” Friends and family said they "didn't seem to be too concerned" since they've, "made statements like this before".

    Alerted Laguna Beach Police responded over the disappearance of the two by saying "a cruiser found them together during a routine patrol just sitting there on a sidewalk bench".

    The officer involved went on to say, "It really is a miracle that they were at least able to find each other again. What are the odds of that? I could see that they were just sitting there in frustration as to what to do next".

    The officer went on to say, "This is certainly a first for me and I've run into almost anything you can imagine in my 22 years as a peace officer."

    While waiting for the ambulance, the officer also said, "It seemed like an eternity just watching them sit there, it was just so heartbreaking to see the poor guy, and he kept trying to put his sunglasses on. I guess you can chalk it up to habit! ...It wasn't even sunny out."

    Both were taken by ambulance to Mission Hospital in South Laguna and treated for severe dehydration. Both their heads were subsequently located by friends stating the males head "was in the last place you would have ever looked" and both were re-attached quickly by the on-staff emergency unit. The Head Surgeon of Triage said, "They were both really lucky, a few more hours without fluids and there could have been a fatality or two". He went on to say, "For the life of me, I still can't figure out how they were able to cross PCH three times?!”

  2. jeannie:-)9:57 AM

    Losing one's head over those post Christmas sales just isn't worth it.