Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Butt-Ugliest Building In Laguna Is On The Market For $12 Million

Laguna Beach: Very Ugly HouseIt's called a house but by any name it's just plain ugly. It sticks out there like it wants to proclaim that it's the biggest, baddest asshole on the beach.

And now it's for sale. $12 Million bucks. They'll probably get it.

The Rich have no taste. Bad taste would be an improvement.

Here's the story in the OC Register.


  1. Steve S.9:27 PM

    It looks like it's "giving birth", or maybe it's a geeks "dream home" inspired by this previous model?

    This house should also be able to walk for $12 million.

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    hmmmmmmmm.... $12,000,000.00

    consider that... some people make less than $20 a day.....

    12 million..

    now if you think that is a lot, consider this:

    our occupation in Iraq, has costed us more than
    $800,000,000,000. WOW

    oh, Afghanistan? more than $480,000,000,000

    source :


    for every 1 'billionaire', theres a million 'millionaires'

    the sad thing is that, that trillion bucks we've spent to take their resources, could feed and house the whole world...

    why cant we.. =C