Saturday, November 19, 2011

So Much For The New Bike Route Through The North End Of Town

Laguna Beach: Occupy Anywher But HereI told you it was useless. Like ALL of us they use the path of least resistance. That's wide streets with stop lights they can bike right on through and no STOP signs and SPEED bumps.


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    This isn't the new bike route... Cliff Drive is still south of here and that is where it is. Nice try though.

  2. Wrong. Read the press release at the City web site.

    If you're traveling south the NEW bike route ends at Cliff Dr.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    The new routes aren't designed for the weekend road bike packs, they're meant for local cyclists - like families with kids - who have been wanting a less-congested and less-dangerous route to downtown from North Laguna.

  4. Are you sure? They'll be sharing the road with autos. There is no special marked off lane for bikes. This means they will be sharing the road with drivers more concerned with texting, gromming, eating, and talking on the phone than paying attention to other forms of transportation on THEIR road.

  5. Steve S.7:53 PM

    Anonymous wrote in part;
    "The new routes aren't designed for the weekend road bike packs, they're meant for local cyclists"

    So the new bike routes are now exclusive to only local cyclist?
    You have an alarming interpretation of what is, and is not deemed as "general public use".

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Bike to Dana Point! We have bike routes throughout the city. THAT ARE SAFE!

  7. Here is some history on the Cypress Drive Sharrows. The original bike route was conceived by Roger Taylor MD and Mick Donoff as a utility route for cyclists, from Emerald Bay to Victoria Beach. It follows the back streets on Monterey and Cliff Drive avoiding PCH the entire route. The City responded to a public request through the Parking Traffic and Circulation committee to put bike Sharrows on Cliff Drive, they settled for Monterey and Cypress. A new bike route was conceived and published by La Vida Laguna and follows the utilitarian route with variations. A digital map of both routes is available from LagunaStreets, click to download. The PCH route followed by most of the "Spandex" riders is the jurisdiction of Caltrans, not LB city. LB Council are aware of the difference between routes and the needs of riders found there. Sharrows on PCH is a future project proposed by cycling advocates in neighboring beach cities, San Clemente to Long Beach. State and Federal mandates called Complete Streets ensure a balanced mobility plan will be adopted for city streets and public highways to accommodate walking, biking, busing and cars equally.

  8. As a long time cyclist and Laguna Beach resident for nearly 2 decades, I can honestly say that one of the only down-sides to living in town is the lack of safety we all feel on our local roads. You don't have to be a cyclist to feel like your well-being is precarious when on any ashpalt in Laguna (City domain or Caltrans turf). However, as a cyclist or just a dad who wants to safely ride bikes around town with his kids (as long-time council members have reminisced of doing so themselves during council meetings) I'm consistently disappointed with the lack of concern city leaders have at keeping town "mellow" through traffic enforcement as well as city policy.