Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Not Aware Of Place

Laguna Beach: PreoccupiedI don't usually link to other sites except for local news such as the OC Register. But this story at the NY Times Lens blog fit right in with what I constantly see in Laguna Beach, especially on the boardwalk at Main Beach.

The link is: Passers-By, Preoccupied

PS: I have friends back east that I call every week. You guessed it I call them while walking in Heisler Park.

06:16 AM Sunrise
07:08 AM 5.65 feet High Tide
02:00 PM 0.12 feet Low Tide
04:53 PM Sunset
08:10 PM 4.00 feet High Tide
01:19 AM 1.73 feet Low Tide

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  1. Steve S.5:59 PM

    I noticed for some people the cell phone is sort of a temporary cure for the awkwardness that our society has with being alone in a location crowded with strangers.

    We have become much more socially inept under these circumstances then we use to be, almost as if everywhere we go alone it gives us the same feeling you get when you’re dining out at restaurant all alone at a table. You feel as if you should be reading something in order to not "look" so pitifully lonely.

    I really think a lot of people feel comfort from using the cell phone from the anxiety of being all alone in a crowd of people, since they seem to find every reason to be on it in public.