Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laguna Charm

Laguna Beach: CharmTides:
04:16 AM 2.81 feet Low Tide
06:23 AM Sunrise
10:43 AM 5.21 feet High Tide
04:48 PM Sunset
06:24 PM 0.21 feet Low Tide
01:41 AM 3.44 feet High Tide


  1. Anonymous12:38 PM

    that's the witch house...is someone finally living there? i see the gate is open.

  2. Steve S.3:59 PM

    This “witch house” looks to be a more modern version that goes also by the more friendly term of the "Storybook House" style. Many upscale homes in the 1920's into 1930's in Laguna Beach and throughout Southern California were built in this style. Here's a link to some Storybook homes that take the style all the way to the extreme.

  3. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Applying titles like "storybook House" is engaging in historical revision. And this home shares very little with popular Laguna architecture of the 20's & 30's. Such a linkage marginalizes the unique artistic contribution this home has made to Laguna Beach. As the first Anonymous comment alludes, It is locally known and loved as the "Witch House" – and there is nothing unfriendly about that!
    It was built in the 60's in North Laguna a few streets south of our old family home on Viejo St. Two of my coolest memories of that time was sitting across the Thanksgiving table from Eller Larson - who was coo-coo as a Lune by the way – but harmless, and lining up with every other kid in town to tour the newly finished Witch house that was for sale. It’s open house weekend was actually advertised in the local paper. In its original form, the home came equipped with a boiling cauldron that could be swung into and out of the large stone fireplace - presumably to save the Witch's back when boiling children. Another unusual feature was the crookedly arranged and timed stone steps of the claustrophically narrow stairway leading up to the small bedrooms. These rooms had warped blown glass window panes and dramatically crooked ceilings. The 'distortion theme' and the authenticity of 'Witch' elements throughout the design were beautifully conceived, and very unique in their graphic authenticity. The home has had a few fires over the years and many owners. Because of its authenticity of concept, It has never been very livable so certainly there have been a few owners who made changes to the home that the community didn't like - and maybe even the house itself didn't care for. But to all the Lagunatic kids who first saw this house inside and out, it will always be remembered fondly as the Witch House where we all wanted to live.

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    On a website devoted to Golden Age actress Jeanne Crain, her granddaughter Bret writes that her grandmother rented this home for several summers when she was a child.

  5. The house in this picture happens to have been built by my grandfather, Vernon Barker.

    There was never a "boiling cauldron", "warped blown glass window panes", "dramatically crooked ceilings". There was one fire, and there have been 3 owners since it was built in 1929. I never saw a bunch of kids see this house "inside and out". Sounds like you are or were a local of Laguna, so I really don't know where you got these silly ideas about the house.