Sunday, November 06, 2011

Did You Set Your Clocks Back Today?

Laguna Beach: Castle CottageIf it wasn't for the computer I would be one hour early today. Wait a minute (hour?) I am early today. Back to bed.

12:59 AM 1.12 feet Low Tide
06:14 AM Sunrise
06:20 AM 5.22 feet High Tide
12:56 PM 0.83 feet Low Tide
04:55 PM Sunset
06:52 PM 4.08 feet High Tide

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  1. Steve S.9:48 PM

    It has never made sense to me that we are now going back to "Standard Time" at a time of year, when we are experiencing with each day less and less light?

    There is nothing that we have done or even could do now, to combat the lowest natural solar daylight hours or the longest for that matter. It's just the way it is, we’ve got what we’ve got.

    With that said, why on Earth do we continue this archaic ritual of moving our clocks forward an hour in Spring, just as we are beginning to start to notice that we are well on our way to having later and later evenings, and eventually sunsets at 9:00PM to almost 10:00PM depending on where you live in California?

    You might be able to argue the case of power savings back in the days of its inception, when the majority of workers worked a 9:00AM to 5:00 PM day. Today, with flex hours and the various work schedules, early morning commuters and 10-12 hour days for many it makes little sense. But when "day light saving" hits us in spring with all clocks going forward, all it is achieving is just a bunch of sleepy drivers and workers, for up to a week or more.

    "A 2007 study found that the earlier start to DST (Day Light Saving) that year had little or no effect on electricity consumption in California."

    It really is time that we get rid of this ridiculous ritual. We need an initiative placed on the ballot for 2012. The rest of the States will possibly follow our lead along with Arizona and Hawai'i which already do not have DST.