Friday, November 11, 2011

Bike Route That Will NEVER Be Used

Laguna Beach: Lifeguard TowerThis from the City:
On September 20th, the City Council directed the installation of bike route signage and shared roadway pavement markings (sharrows) along streets in North Laguna to direct bicyclists along a route between North Coast Highway and Broadway that is off the major highways. The signage and sharrows were installed this week. The route north is from Broadway, up Cliff to Rosa Bonheur, to Monterey, to Hillcrest, to Ledroit, and down to North Coast Highway. The route south is generally the same in reverse, except south on Cypress Drive rather than on Monterey.
What a waste of real time and resources.

02:09 AM 2.05 feet Low Tide
06:19 AM Sunrise
08:25 AM 5.92 feet High Tide
03:34 PM -0.29 feet Low Tide
04:51 PM Sunset
10:01 PM 3.69 feet High Tide

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