Friday, October 21, 2011

When Was The Last Time YOU Visited Heisler Park?

Laguna Beach: Heisler ParkTides:
06:17 AM 4.19 feet High Tide
07:00 AM Sunrise
11:43 AM 2.43 feet Low Tide
05:21 PM 4.58 feet High Tide
06:10 PM Sunset
12:07 AM 0.52 feet Low Tide


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    February 2nd, 1991

  2. Steve S.10:58 PM

    The last time I was there, the nearby "Las Brisas Restaurant" was still called the "Victor Hugo Inn", it was 1971. I've been back to Laguna 3 times since then but not to Heisler Park. I will have to see all the new changes to the park as soon I get an opportunity.