Sunday, October 16, 2011

Volleyball, Classic Cars - Take Your Pick

Laguna Beach: POVOr do both. Volleyball all day at Main Beach and classic cars at the Festival Grounds and across the street in the parking lot.

More information at Laguna Beach Best.

04:47 AM 2.50 feet Low Tide
06:57 AM Sunrise
11:21 AM 5.26 feet High Tide
06:16 PM Sunset
06:52 PM 0.67 feet Low Tide
01:44 AM 3.14 feet High Tide

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  1. Steve S.10:42 PM

    These people "occupying" do not look like "hippies, bums and unionists" to me? Maybe FOX News camera-persons only point the camera where it best suits their employer Rupert Murdoch's best personal interest?