Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plein Air Painters At Crystal Cove Tomorrow Morning

Laguna Beach: Lifeguard TowerOne problem: $15.00 to park. That's like 5 days in Laguna. This is so unfair.

I'm guessing it's down by the cottages. Anyone know for sure? (This is correct.)

Note: Title has been changed. I had the wrong day. Crystal Cove is Thursday morning. Still I got some nice photo which I will post later today. Right now I have to get down to Heisler Park to photograph the LCAD students.

03:21 AM 1.41 feet Low Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
09:31 AM 5.65 feet High Tide
04:11 PM 0.24 feet Low Tide
06:21 PM Sunset
10:23 PM 4.26 feet High Tide

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