Saturday, October 08, 2011

Increased Crosswalk Enforcement

Laguna Beach: Man in CrosswalkFrom the City:
On Tuesday October 11, 2011, the Police Department will be conducting an increased crosswalk enforcement program at various locations throughout the City using a brightly dressed pedestrian. Drivers are encouraged to always watch for people stepping off the curb or appearing from behind already stopped vehicles.
All I can say is YES!


  1. jeannie5:33 PM

    Will they be wearing body armor? I'd stop just to get a good look at that weird shirt!

  2. Steve S.10:11 PM

    ...And you'll probably never find or see another shirt like that one again!

  3. I took the photo a while back and was hoping to get a chance to use it. Turns out the Police did me a great favor.

    It's the whole outfit that did it for me.

  4. Roger E. Butow7:12 AM

    I think that the pedestrians should dress up to look like our City Council----First, it's Halloween time, bringing a whimsical atmosphere to the whole strategy, maybe get us CNN to cover it so that more visitors come during the lull between holidays, spend more $$$ rubber-necking, putting yet MORE pedestrians in the "cross-hairs", ooops, I mean crosswalks of Laguna..... Maybe a City Manager pumpkin-dude too, as John Pietig looks like one.
    Second, after all, the LBCC is in disguise ALREADY as an intelligent ruling body, our beloved feudal overlords and elitists who get elected by fluffing resumes and bragging about non-existent product/accomplishments, all by getting only about 25% of the total LB registered voters approval (approx. 3,000 votes).
    Plus then maybe the LBCC would find out how the general populace REALLY feel about them as their doubles play dodgeball with vehicles performing a public service, seek frontier justice.
    The crosswalk fines would be much greater too because reckless driving and other expensive violations could be added, thus doing what this LBCC can't seem to accomplish: Increasing our General Fund to make up for poor planning and a lack of fiscal management.
    Come to think of it, if the LBCC really love Laguna as they constantly blather, let THEM volunteer to be the pedestrians: Publicize it and we could find out how much Laguna loves them!