Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Colors In Laguna?

Laguna Beach: Beach MemoriesThis is an information request. I'm looking for places in Laguna where we can view the colors of Fall. Anyone suggestions?

06:44 AM 4.70 feet High Tide
07:01 AM Sunrise
12:37 PM 1.66 feet Low Tide
06:09 PM Sunset
06:25 PM 4.77 feet High Tide
12:46 AM 0.49 feet Low Tide


  1. Steve S.10:08 PM

    While living in Laguna, I do not recall seeing any evidence of a fall or the colors one would associate with it. I must say I miss that about Laguna very much!
    As kid growing up in Southern California, fall and winter was something that only happened to "other people", or on "Peanuts" cartoons.
    I now live in Northern California where the leaves turn to beautiful oranges, yellows, crimson reds and purples, just before every last leaf falls to the ground.
    The reason for this color is that the trees know what is coming, the early morning freezing of the nightly dew. These are some of the prices you pay for this fall color, a sun that hangs low in the sky, waning everyday giving the impression its 4:00 pm in the afternoon all day long. The nights get into the 30’s and 40's and will only get worse as the year moves into winter and with a near every morning ritual of running the garden hose on your windshield to remove the frost or ice. If you’re lucky the water in the hose won’t be frozen too.
    The novelty of “having seasons” wears off quickly and one who knows better begins to yearn for location that’s any amount closer to the equator.
    I would rather not have any seasons, but the good one, the warm season, and be able to just drive to the colors of fall and to the snow, knowing that I can leave it behind at will.

    P.S. There maybe some colors after the first real cool nights, maybe in the canyon where the native Sycamores use to be? I don't know if many are still left?

  2. Anne W.6:44 AM

    Old Emerald Trail maybe, @ Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. It's a very different feel/meadow than the other parts of the park.

  3. Thanks Anne. I think I may have missed it this year but now I have some good ideas for next year.

    That said I think I will still check out this Emerald Trail you mentioned.

    John Krill

  4. Out in the canyon where there are scrub oak etc.. I see ivy turn some cool colors as well. There are some trees around that change colors in people's yards and such. But not any big areas I can think of off hand.