Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Do City Workers Earn Too Much? Maybe, Maybe Not. Depends.

Laguna Beach: ShorelineThe OC Register has been looking into city salaries here in Orange County. Today they break down those numbers for Laguna Beach.

You decide.

06:33 AM 4.16 feet High Tide
06:48 AM Sunrise
11:48 AM 2.57 feet Low Tide
05:32 PM 4.88 feet High Tide
06:30 PM Sunset
12:33 AM 0.31 feet Low Tide


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    do they make a lot of money? maybe. picking up trash and all.

    did Cheney make a lot of money from rebuilding Iraq?

    do banks make money from slaves? yes

    you know, its really only the top 0.5% of the population that we have to worry about.

  2. Steve S.9:34 PM

    Not for the expense it takes to live in Laguna Beach.

  3. jeannie5:45 PM

    You're right, Steve!