Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can I Get A Half Order Of Your #2?

Laguna Beach: Lead ZincFrom the City:
Food Waste Diversion Pilot Programs: The City is piloting commercial off-site and on-site food waste diversion programs, with the objective of reducing the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill. The Montage and the Tommy Bahamas Restaurant began processing food waste on-site in 2010. Food dehydrators are used to reduce food waste by approximately 90 percent by drying the food waste at 180 degrees for about 18 hours. The output resembles coffee grounds and is used as a fertilizer by the Montage.
Another solution is to STOP serving large portions. How many times have you needed to get a people bag to carry away a large portion of the meal you ordered at that classy restaurant.

05:51 AM 3.75 feet High Tide
07:00 AM Sunrise
10:25 AM 3.04 feet Low Tide
04:02 PM 4.44 feet High Tide
06:12 PM Sunset
11:22 PM 0.64 feet Low Tide

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