Tuesday, September 06, 2011

KFC No Longer In Laguna

Laguna Beach: KFCKFC here in Laguna closed it's door last week. Why did they close? No one knows for sure except our own Patch.com.

Patch tells us in one line why they think KFC closed then goes on in a long and boring explanation of how bad the food was at the KFC. According to their scientific data KFC food could cost us 8 years of life. WOW! The reporter, Rich Kane, goes on and on in disgusting detail on how bad KFC really is.

Interesting. Never a mention BEFORE KFC closed. Only AFTER KFC closes does the reporter tells us we lost 8 years of our happy lives because we eat at KFC.

The real story about KFC is WHY it closed. That should have been the reporters goal not bad food.

Is this story an example of news reporting at Patch.com?

Is there an Editor at Patch.com?

And the story was under their News banner AND their Opinion banner. Which is it Patch.com, News or Opinion? Can't be both.

And Rich, there will never be another Franchise fast-food store in Laguna. We banned them years, make that decades, ago. So forget Inn-and-Out.

Here's the story at Patch.com.


  1. Wow, John -- you really ARE grumpy!
    Actually, the story was given Opinion, Business and Food Review tags, not exclusively News.
    The In-N-Out was a suggestion meant to foster discussion, which, 45 comments from myself and our readers later, seems to have worked.
    I could go on, but I don't want to bore you. Thanks for the link!
    -- Rich Kane, Editor, Laguna Beach Patch

  2. Steve S.8:22 PM

    The KFC in our town recently closed down, only to be replaced with by a Church's Chicken with a "soon to be open" sign.

    It doesn't seem to be generating any excitement.

  3. Steve I was just there this morning, Sept. 6th, and there was no sign then. Yes they do move quickly.

    Now let's see what the Council has to say.

  4. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!7:09 AM

    Stay grumpy, there's no end to the frustrating stupidity any long term resident or even casual observer finds daily in this berg.
    As for Rich Kane's ditty regarding the fostering of discussion, followed by his bragging about 45 comments, well hey, I've got a great idea for that KFC site: Let's suggest that they make it a drive-thru, one-stop-shopping mosque! Or permit Rev. Schuller to create another drive-in church like the Crystal Cathedral once was.
    THAT should provoke oodles of discussion........If the measure of the value of a story's value is the total number of comments, the outrage or disturbance, then let that crazy game begin.

  5. Steve S.9:55 PM

    John wrote;
    "Steve I was just there this morning, Sept. 6th, and there was no sign then. Yes they do move quickly."

    Sorry John, I meant the town I'm living in presently in Nor. Cal., not the town (Laguna) I use to live in. I don't want to start a bad rumor of a Church's Chicken happening in Laguna Beach.

    Incidentally, I'm old enough to remember when that same KFC was first built there in Laguna, I was 9 years old. Back then it was just "Kentucky Fried Chicken", no acronym. There also use to a chain called "Chicken Delight", between Thalia St. and St. Annes Dr. on Glenneyre St.

    It was located just north of, and on the same side of the street as the Seven-Eleven (Back then it was called "Tick-Tock") on the north/west corner of Thalia St. and Glenneyre St.

  6. Steve S.10:17 PM

    Man Roger! You really do know how to "foster discussion", with all the makings of a present day media mogul, by reporting on a "shopping mosque" plan to work up the far-right. And a "Crystal Cathedral Church" plan to work up the far-Left, that should get things heated up. :-)

  7. Roger E. Bütow Clean Water Now!1:04 PM

    Steve S.:
    Thanks, unlike Rich Kane I haven't had my funny bone removed nor was I born without a happy whimsical gene....I mean really, Kane's got his little "Patch" to play in, harassing other journalists or bloggers just to promote himself seems counter-intuitive. He must not have received enough ad money this month.
    And as for LB Patch as an independent journalistic/news entity, it's about as smarmy and patronizing as one can find, the verbiage is blatantly City Hall butt-smacking and ingratiating towards the new elitist core values, the self-absorbed emerging metrosexual establishment, the new demographic that John (and I) resent has pushed our former funky town into oblivion or extinction.
    Only surpassed by the obviously self-promotional articles in LAGUNA and/or COAST magazines generated by Firebrand Media. At a recent OC Press Club mixer Firebrand poobahs admitted to me that their columns are basically infomercials. I asked them why haven't they ever interviewed REAL hard core, uncompensated eco-activists, not vendors with money-making motivations.
    Their response: People like me (with a 15 year vibrant confrontational history and tons of victories) don't qualify because we aren't eco-newbies propped up by corporate sponsors, we aren't promoting ourselves for money, and we represent a bad public image for our town. So we clean up the beaches, we clean up the ocean, we clean up the creeks, we file successful grievances with EPA & the Coastal Commission---But we're declassé, low-lifes, unworthy of mention or attention.
    No good deed goes unpunished----In Firebrand's case we go unmentioned. Now THAT'S a great honor, being passed over by slick willies from New Porsche.

  8. Anonymous4:05 PM

    the kfc is being replaced by a cool, upscale, yet seemingly affordable all-natural burger joint by a well-established california restauranteur ... should be great!