Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heisler Park Interpretive Sign Series

Laguna Beach: Interpretive Sign SerieThis from the City:
A coastal themed interpretive sign series has been installed along the seaward trail of Heisler Park from Diver’s Cove to the stairs above lifeguard headquarters. The six signs are full color depictions with themes covering the kelp forest, ocean pollution, tide pool habitat, tide pool animals, seabirds, and marine mammals. The signs were designed by the Marine Safety Department in collaboration with Water Quality, installed by the Public Works Department, and funded by the Heisler Park grant.


  1. jeannie4:25 PM

    Excuse me, but okay, so they give us valuable info. but to some folks who know and love laguna....we just don't want this in our faces...and in our photos when looking out at natures wonders. Do we??? Kinda ugly is my opinion.