Monday, September 05, 2011

Do Not Enter / Wrong Way

Laguna Beach: Do Not Enter / Wrong WayAnd yes that's the owner of the big, black, ugly thing.

When you see a setup like this it's really hard to ignore it.

The owner thought I should.

I didn't.


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    yeah, this isnt as good of a post as you think it is. so what the driver backed into the spot? thats normal. try better next time

  2. Dear Anonymous:

    Up Yours.

    John krill

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    ha ha!!! love your attitude john.

  4. jeannie:-)4:28 PM

    Love ya John! Ha, ha! Go for it John!

  5. Steve S.8:16 PM

    The only issue I really see here is that it looks like the driver had to go in into the one-way parking lane in the wrong direction to do his backing.

    It looks pretty awkward trying to negotiate that back-up job coming in from the correct direction.

    Leaving poses the same problem. That's an awful hard left turn to make to get out. I don't see the drivers point?

    ...And yes, the car is buttocks ugly.