Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And I Thought The City Over Charged For Parking!

Laguna Beach: Only In LagunaPhoto by Jim Nordstorm

But $4.00 per Minute seems a bit over-the-top even by Laguna Beach standards.


  1. Ridiculous.

  2. Steve S.8:31 PM

    I guess it's parking for the top 2 percent, or at least the ones that don't know there's is a depression going on?

  3. Roger Bütow7:44 AM

    This is just one of the ways that local commerce gouges its potential clients and abuses the parking allotment system.
    The Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) required by California State Zoning Laws and processed, approved and enforced by the City of LB require that businesses provide a certain amount of parking for their venues, a discrete number of spaces in lots they control. These CUPs travel with the property, NOT the owner.
    #1, Las Brisas should NOT be allowed to rent this spaces to just anyone, they're specifically designated for this site's clients/visitors.
    #2, No business in Laguna should be allowed to charge its visitors anything----Gratuity (tips) should be optional, NOT mandatory.

    Blame the City Council, blame the Planning Commission (LBCC appointed flunkies), this should be illegal and fines should be leveled due to CUP non-compliance. Businesses have turned CUP requirements into moneymaking rip-offs with the City's tacit (passive) consent.

  4. Roger Bütow8:18 AM

    If locals wonder why there have been so many residential vs. business confrontations regarding parking, this is a classic case.
    In an economy as wiped out as ours. visitors to Las Brisas won't pay, they'll park for free up in the neighborhoods. As this dominoes/cascades into the side surface streets, especially those with no hourly time limits, residents get angry as THEIR visitors have no place to park.
    During high season festivals, North Laguna above PCH is virtually one big overflowed parking lot with cars traveling around in circles foraging for free spots. I lived there for a few years near The Cottage back in the mid-90s, I'd never move back to that area again nor would I recommend it to anyone.
    Spaces don't exist for residential gardeners, builders, emergency plumbers, maintenance workers, tree trimmers, trucks like UPS, Fed EX, USPS, drinking water deliveries, etc. Any kind of home delivery mechanism that requires even temporary parking is affected.