Monday, January 23, 2006

Forget Beach Access Where Do I Park?

The Sunday LA Times in it’s California section it used a section of beach in South Laguna as an example of the states inability to get public access right-of-ways to the beach. According to the Times only 25 access paths have been built. The state had ordered 125 of these paths to be built over 30 years ago.

The beach in question is called Totuava Bay. The photo in the Times shows a nice, clean, broad expanse of beach with narry a soul on it.

There is only one problem with getting an access pathway to this beach. Where are all the people going to park? This beach is opposite the small business district of South Laguna and its hard enough finding parking already. This beach looks like it could hold a thousand people and still not be crowded. With an average of two people per car thats’ 500 cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. Never happen.

Nice to know the beach is there though.

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