Friday, July 31, 2015

No End In Site

Laguna Beach: No End In SiteThis was at 1:15 PM.

You really couldn't see the last car in this endless line.

Remember it's two lanes from Beach Ave to PCH and it expands to 3 lanes on the south bound side of Broadway near the hardware store.

PCH in both directions wasn't any better.

I parked on Glenneyre at St Anne's.

Good to walk anyway.

The Beach At The Pacific Edge

Laguna Beach: The Beach At The Pacific EdgeTides:
03:45 AM Full Moon
04:04 AM -0.97 feet Low Tide
06:02 AM Sunrise
06:20 AM Moonset
10:22 AM 4.56 feet High Tide
03:34 PM 1.46 feet Low Tide
07:52 PM Sunset
08:04 PM Moonrise
09:48 PM 6.66 feet High Tide

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Art Talk - About Glass

Laguna Beach: The Art Of Glass With Gina Lunn, Christopher Jeffries, and Michael HermannThis Thursday's Art Talk with Gina Lunn, Christopher Jeffries, and Michael Hermann. Each talked about the art of glass making and the process behind the art of the Glass.

Updated an hour later.

I was tempted to use the photo below and title it "The Hat In The Box Talks About The Art Of Glass Making."

Laguna Beach: The Hat Talks About The Art Of Glass Making

The Art Talks

There have been 3 Thursday Art Talks at the Festival of Arts. I missed the first one with Rick Graves. But have managed to get to the next two. This is what you missed if you passed on the Talks.

1. *Festival artist Rick Graves leads a panel discussion with Festival artists who have transitioned into careers in art. A photo of Rick can be seen here.

2. *Long-time Festival of Arts exhibitor Rob Gage discusses his recent photographic series “Form and Grace.” Joining his discussion will be Pageant of the Masters Director Diane Challis Davy, makeup supervisor Kim Knowlton, and sculptor Shane Daley. I didn't post this talk because I didn't have the names of all the participants. I do now so here is the photo from that talk.

Laguna Beach: Rob Gage And His DummiesRob is somewhere in the line of Dummies.

3. *Artists Larry Marley, Ray Brown, and Rachel Young work in diverse mediums, but through their friendship share ideas and gain inspiration. My post for this talk: "The Pizza Talks."

Today's Art Talk is: *Festival exhibitors Michael Hermann and Gina Lunn discuss their creative craft with other glass artists.

*Description of this Talk taken directly from the Festival Of Arts web site.

Latest Fad: Really Big Soap Bubbles

Laguna Beach: Really Big Soap BubblesTides:
03:28 AM -0.80 feet Low Tide
05:15 AM Moonset
06:02 AM Sunrise
09:45 AM 4.30 feet High Tide
02:48 PM 1.66 feet Low Tide
07:16 PM Moonrise
07:53 PM Sunset
09:05 PM 6.66 feet High Tide

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Surfing Rock Pile

Laguna Beach: Surfing Rock PileTides:
02:52 AM -0.48 feet Low Tide
04:13 AM Moonset
06:01 AM Sunrise
09:10 AM 4.01 feet High Tide
02:02 PM 1.90 feet Low Tide
06:25 PM Moonrise
07:54 PM Sunset
08:23 PM 6.47 feet High Tide

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Never Used Bike Route

Laguna Beach: Never Used Bike RouteThis is at the corner of Wilson and El Bosque. In all the years I've been using this route to get downtown I have NEVER seen a cyclist. Never.

Skate boarder yes. Cyclist never.

If cyclists ignore all rules of the road how do you expect them to follow the City's crazy Bike Routes?

The Electric Hedge Trimmer Is Evil

Laguna Beach: You Think You Live In The Forest Until The City Comes Through With An Electric EdgerYou think you live in the forest until the City comes through with an electric hedge trimmer.

02:17 AM -0.04 feet Low Tide
03:16 AM Moonset
06:00 AM Sunrise
08:34 AM 3.70 feet High Tide
01:16 PM 2.12 feet Low Tide
05:31 PM Moonrise
07:41 PM 6.14 feet High Tide
07:54 PM Sunset

Monday, July 27, 2015

Early Evening And The Locals Reclaim The Beach

Laguna Beach: Early Evening and The Locals Reclaim The BeachTides:
01:40 AM 0.48 feet Low Tide
02:25 AM Moonset
06:00 AM Sunrise
07:55 AM 3.40 feet High Tide
12:25 PM 2.29 feet Low Tide
04:35 PM Moonrise
06:59 PM 5.74 feet High Tide
07:55 PM Sunset

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Surfs Up

Laguna Beach: Surfs UpTides:
12:59 AM 1.03 feet Low Tide
01:40 AM Moonset
05:59 AM Sunrise
07:05 AM 3.12 feet High Tide
11:26 AM 2.36 feet Low Tide
03:38 PM Moonrise
06:15 PM 5.33 feet High Tide
07:56 PM Sunset

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Main BeachTides:
12:06 AM 1.58 feet Low Tide
12:59 AM Moonset
05:49 AM 2.92 feet High Tide
05:58 AM Sunrise
10:16 AM 2.28 feet Low Tide
02:42 PM Moonrise
05:27 PM 4.95 feet High Tide
07:56 PM Sunset