Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Umbrella That Held Up A Roof

Laguna Beach: The Umbrella That Held Up A RoofAm I spending to much time on the Festival Of Arts? Maybe but then again all that I have shown you no longer exists. Well almost all. Give it another month and it will be ALL gone forever.

And for another thing I've wanted to photograph that funny umbrella for some time but either forgot . . . OK lets stay with forgot but finally on Tuesday morning I remembered in time and took this photo.

What else in Laguna will be gone in a year? Maybe the house you live in, the local store you shop at or the nearby restaurant you enjoy most on a Friday after work.

And then it's off to Newport Beach or Dana Point (Heaven forbid.) because that favorite store or restaurant is gone.

Where do you buy an auto part in a hurry? Where to see that latest movie? Not in Laguna Beach.

OK that is enough for today.

01:12 AM 4.29 feet High Tide
06:26 AM Sunrise
06:54 AM 1.46 feet Low Tide
11:53 AM Moonset
01:25 PM 5.51 feet High Tide
07:14 PM Sunset
08:23 PM 0.88 feet Low Tide
11:00 PM Moonrise

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Sunset At Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Sunset At Main BeachTides:
12:08 AM 5.00 feet High Tide
06:08 AM 0.83 feet Low Tide
06:26 AM Sunrise
10:48 AM Moonset
12:31 PM 5.68 feet High Tide
07:05 PM 0.71 feet Low Tide
07:15 PM Sunset
10:14 PM Moonrise

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Once Down, Never Up Again

Laguna Beach: Once Down, Never Up AgainOne of the primary features of the festival grounds were the canopies that shaded the public space and added color, and personality to that space.

They will never be seen again on the festival grounds. Maybe in someone's backyard you suppose?

And, I might add, they were fun to photograph.

Sun Down On The Boardwalk

Laguna Beach: Sun Down On The BoardwalkTides:
05:27 AM 0.24 feet Low Tide
06:25 AM Sunrise
09:41 AM Moonset
11:45 AM 5.75 feet High Tide
06:01 PM 0.54 feet Low Tide
07:17 PM Sunset
09:30 PM Moonrise

Monday, August 31, 2015

Restaurant Finally Going Into Old Bank Building On Ocean Ave

Laguna Beach: Restaurant Finally Going Into Old Bank Building On Ocean AveIt appears that a restaurant will be coming to the old bank building on Ocean Ave. Posted is an application to sell booze and plans to remodel, again, the interior of the building.

That's All Folks!

Laguna Beach: Laguna Cinemas ClosesThis was a grab shot I took as I was walking to the Festival of Arts to photograph the activities at night. Didn't know they were closing down for good. Regency Theatres has decided to end the theater's long run. It first opened in 1922.

Here's the story in the LA Times. I haven't found the article at but it's on page 4 of the State section. When I manage to locate the story online is will update this post.

Update: Here's the story in the Coastline Pilot dated August 28, 2015. I guess had I been reading our local paper I would have known about the closing BEFORE it happened. Lesson learned? I don't think so.

Here's the story in the OC Register.

When I say grab shot I mean I didn't care if it turned out OK. Considering the historic value, if I had only known, I would have tried for something better. But the shock of it all fits the photo perfectly.

Every year we seem to lose a unique business. Last year it was the auto parts store. Now the movie house is gone. Maybe. The whole business happened so quickly it's too soon to know what will happen to the theater.

Night At The Festival of Arts

Laguna Beach: Night Sky Made To OrderToday is your last opportunity to see the Festival Of Arts as it will never be seen again.

A new interior look for next year and beyond.

04:48 AM -0.24 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Sunrise
08:33 AM Moonset
11:03 AM 5.68 feet High Tide
05:05 PM 0.48 feet Low Tide
07:18 PM Sunset
08:47 PM Moonrise
11:14 PM 5.67 feet High Tide

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Full Moon Over Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Full Moon Over Laguna Beach

Sunset On PCH

Laguna Beach: Sunset On PCHDo you know where I took this photo?

I went downtown yesterday around 6:30PM and realized fairly quickly that was not a good idea. The traffic was backed up everywhere. I went down Park to Glenneyre because 3rd street was dead.

Turning onto Glenneyre I realized there wasn't any of the volunteer traffic controllers that we usually get when traffic is really bad. And traffic was worse than really bad.

I ended up turning onto Mermaid and back up 3rd street and then over to the USA gas station. Filled the car up and went on home.

End of trip.

PS: I was going to the Festival of the Arts to get some sunset and night photos on the grounds.

04:11 AM -0.55 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Sunrise
07:23 AM Moonset
10:24 AM 5.49 feet High Tide
04:14 PM 0.58 feet Low Tide
07:19 PM Sunset
08:05 PM Moonrise
10:24 PM 6.19 feet High Tide

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Weekend For The Festivals

Laguna Beach: Last Weekend For The FestivalsTides:
03:34 AM -0.67 feet Low Tide
06:14 AM Moonset
06:23 AM Sunrise
09:47 AM 5.20 feet High Tide
11:37 AM Full Moon
03:26 PM 0.83 feet Low Tide
07:21 PM Sunset
07:23 PM Moonrise
09:37 PM 6.49 feet High Tide

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lets Eat

Laguna Beach: Lets EatTides:
02:58 AM -0.59 feet Low Tide
05:05 AM Moonset
06:22 AM Sunrise
09:12 AM 4.84 feet High Tide
02:40 PM 1.20 feet Low Tide
06:38 PM Moonrise
07:22 PM Sunset
08:52 PM 6.55 feet High Tide