Sunday, May 24, 2015

Picnic Beach - Not Crowded

Laguna Beach: Picnic BeachI traveled down to Main Beach a 3:30PM expecting to see large crowds. I found a parking space on Mermaid. In fact there were several spaces available on Mermaid. The crowds weren't downtown and they weren't at the beach. I walked the length of Heisler Park. Small crowds there too.

I just can’t believe that so many visitors to Laguna Beach left early.

Earlier in the year when we had overcast skies everyday and we still had large crowds. So on such a beautiful day we have small crowds is hard to believe.

One thing I did appreciate was the young officers controlling traffic downtown. It made a big difference.

Photo: Picnic Beach

12:30 AM Moonset
01:50 AM 4.03 feet High Tide
05:45 AM Sunrise
09:17 AM 0.50 feet Low Tide
11:52 AM Moonrise
04:36 PM 3.75 feet High Tide
07:51 PM Sunset
10:03 PM 2.59 feet Low Tide

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Waiting For The Big Crowds

Laguna Beach: Waiting For The Big CrowdsTides:
12:51 AM 4.55 feet High Tide
05:46 AM Sunrise
08:19 AM 0.16 feet Low Tide
10:57 AM Moonrise
03:32 PM 3.59 feet High Tide
07:50 PM Sunset
08:20 PM 2.69 feet Low Tide

Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Weekend Crowds. What Crowds?

Laguna Beach: Memorial Weekend Crowds. What Crowds?

It Really Adds To The View, Doesn't It

Laguna Beach: Broken Selfie StickIf you ever walked up the steps from Main Beach to Heisler Park then you know what a great addition this plant is to the view of Main Beach.

They even moved the bench to take advantage of this wonderful addition to the view of Main Beach.

They Just Keep On Coming

Laguna Beach: They Just Keep On ComingI don't think anyone reads the warning sign posted at the entrance to the tide pools at Heisler Point.

Looking forward to the Memorial weekend. Should be fun.

12:02 AM 5.09 feet High Tide
05:46 AM Sunrise
07:24 AM -0.22 feet Low Tide
10:02 AM Moonrise
02:22 PM 3.54 feet High Tide
06:56 PM 2.54 feet Low Tide
07:50 PM Sunset
11:52 PM Moonset

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Quiet Beach Scene

Laguna Beach: A Quiet Beach SceneThe quiet beach is about to end, so enjoy it while it lasts. And forget about easy parking that ends too.

05:47 AM Sunrise
06:34 AM -0.62 feet Low Tide
09:07 AM Moonrise
01:18 PM 3.61 feet High Tide
05:57 PM 2.26 feet Low Tide
07:49 PM Sunset
11:09 PM Moonset

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Copper Wall?

Laguna Beach: Copper WallI think the whole metal frame will get a copper facing like you see here. Then again I've been more wrong than right.

Also two thirds of the stones that were to be place throughout the front of the festival have been remove. As the artist would say: "Too busy."

The Young Shall Inherit The Guard Stands

Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach Junior GuardsThe caption would read: They sure get them young these days. but I didn't do a very good job getting the towel with Laguna Beach Junior Guards on it. It's not that easy to read is it?

But you get the picture.

05:47 AM Sunrise
05:48 AM -0.95 feet Low Tide
08:12 AM Moonrise
12:21 PM 3.76 feet High Tide
05:09 PM 1.93 feet Low Tide
07:48 PM Sunset
10:22 PM Moonset
11:19 PM 5.59 feet High Tide

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Copper Skin Being Applied

Laguna Beach: Copper Skin Being AppliedThey've started appling the exterior to the metal framework. This will be on the exterior only. Have no idea what goes on the interior side of the wall.

The New Wall And The Hill

Laguna Beach: Copper Skin Being AppliedHere is the new all at the festival grounds with the hill across the street in the background.

Consider this: I may never get a chance to get this exact photograph again because a bunch of artists booths will block this view.

As they say: You just gotta be there and have your camera ready. And that's why you ALWAYS will see me with a camera.

Note: This photo was the second time I photographed the wall getting this view. The first time was this morning and the one above was about an hour ago. Reason: The light was better.

Also an hour ago they were building the frame work for the artists booths that will block the view. So this was probably the last time I can take this photograph.

Enjoy The Cool Brisk Days While They Last

Laguna Beach: Enjoy The Cool Brisk Days While They LastTides:
05:03 AM -1.17 feet Low Tide
05:48 AM Sunrise
07:18 AM Moonrise
11:28 AM 3.94 feet High Tide
04:26 PM 1.60 feet Low Tide
07:48 PM Sunset
09:29 PM Moonset
10:39 PM 6.00 feet High Tide

Monday, May 18, 2015

Still For Lease

Laguna Beach: Still For LeaseThe old bank building on Ocean Ave is still for lease.

I really want to see the fountain working, drought or no drought.

The clouds look good though.

04:19 AM -1.23 feet Low Tide
05:48 AM Sunrise
06:27 AM Moonrise
10:38 AM 4.11 feet High Tide
03:46 PM 1.28 feet Low Tide
07:47 PM Sunset
08:31 PM Moonset
10:00 PM 6.27 feet High Tide