Thursday, February 23, 2017


Laguna Beach: Tides:
12:43 AM 1.92 feet Low Tide
04:21 AM Moonrise
06:26 AM Sunrise
06:51 AM 5.39 feet High Tide
01:53 PM -0.50 feet Low Tide
03:07 PM Moonset
05:43 PM Sunset
08:11 PM 3.92 feet High Tide

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rock Pile Beach The Morning Of The Storm

Laguna Beach: Rock Pile Beach The Morning Of The StormTides:
12:03 AM 2.22 feet Low Tide
03:34 AM Moonrise
06:13 AM 5.07 feet High Tide
06:27 AM Sunrise
01:23 PM -0.21 feet Low Tide
02:12 PM Moonset
05:42 PM Sunset
07:47 PM 3.66 feet High Tide

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On The Plus Side It's Not Raining . . . Yet

Laguna Beach: On The Plus Side It's Not Raining . . . YetTides:
02:45 AM Moonrise
05:30 AM 4.72 feet High Tide
06:28 AM Sunrise
12:52 PM 0.14 feet Low Tide
01:21 PM Moonset
05:41 PM Sunset
07:22 PM 3.39 feet High Tide

Monday, February 20, 2017

Two Biggies Topple

Laguna Beach: Tree Lost After Violent StormBefore storm. This one was in the small park that sits between Cliff Dr and PCH. It's the tree behind the utility pole with the double trunk.

Laguna Beach: Tree Lost After Violent StormAftern storm.

Laguna Beach: Tree Lost After Violent StormBefore storm. This tree was at the entrance to Laguna Village.

Laguna Beach: Tree Lost After Violent StormAfter storm.

Curious that both trees had double trunks.

Special thanks to Google Earth. They saved me the trouble of searching 9 1/2 years of images.

I'm Still Standing People

Laguna Beach: I’m Still Standing PeopleThis tree on Astor next to the Urth Caffé was slated for removal but a few wise people protested and after another examination was deemed healthy. During our recent violent storm last Friday we lost two very large trees. This tree wasn't one of them.

As they say: Still Standing After All These Years.

Step-up Volleyball

Laguna Beach: Step-up VolleyballShe's getting lessons.

01:54 AM Moonrise
04:37 AM 4.41 feet High Tide
06:29 AM Sunrise
12:16 PM 0.56 feet Low Tide
12:33 PM Moonset
05:40 PM Sunset
06:54 PM 3.12 feet High Tide
11:13 PM 2.44 feet Low Tide

Sunday, February 19, 2017

From Friday Morning - The Strom Was Fast Approaching

Laguna Beach: This wastaken at 9:45 AM Friday and the wind was intolerable. I couldn't face the wind, which was coming from the south, to take a picture. So everything I took that morning I was facing north. I've never had that problem before. The result is the photo shows Memorial Point taken from the Gazebo.

You would have thought, I did, that the Gazebo would give some protection. Just the opposite. It was funneling the wind so that it was even worse. Like to blow someone off the Gazebo.

By the time I had gotten to the Gazebo my backside was soaked. Now returning to the car, parked on Ocean Ave, the front got the worst of it. Once at the car I was soaked thru. The winds did most of the damage. I had stopped at the Lifeguard headquarters to ask if they knew how fast the winds where. They said 24 to 28 MPG.

I had been through tropical storms in North Carolina and Florida but when you're 22 or 23 who cares how windy and wet you get. Now I care.

Sunday morning and the storm has past. Good riddance I say.

PS: I wrote this Saturday night so I HOPE the storm has past.

01:03 AM Moonrise
03:31 AM 4.20 feet High Tide
06:31 AM Sunrise
11:27 AM 1.01 feet Low Tide
11:50 AM Moonset
05:39 PM Sunset
06:11 PM 2.83 feet High Tide
09:54 PM 2.53 feet Low Tide

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stuffing The Phone Booth

Laguna Beach: Stuffing The Phone BoothTides:
12:10 AM Moonrise
02:19 AM 4.13 feet High Tide
06:32 AM Sunrise
10:10 AM 1.43 feet Low Tide
11:10 AM Moonset
11:35 AM Last Quarter
04:21 PM 2.60 feet High Tide
05:39 PM Sunset
08:01 PM 2.36 feet Low Tide

Friday, February 17, 2017

Winds Approaching 30MPH

Laguna Beach: A Lotta Wind!The amount of rain seemed to be average but the wind felt like a tropical storm.

Yes I have lived through several tropical storms in North Carolina and Florida.

Even tropical storms can be nasty stuff.

Festival Grounds Remodel Friday Photo

Laguna Beach: Friday PhotoWhat I learned today is all the canopy structure you see in the photo is about one-forth the total. They have about half of the roof structure done. The remainder is up the road at the Act 5 lot. Pieces will be brought down as needed.

In the foreground are the restrooms. On the plus the women's restroom is much bigger than the old one. Much, much bigger.

Emergency John?

Laguna Beach: Emergency John?City Hall is closed today so I'm not sure why this is parked here.

And I'll be a so-and-so but I can't come up with a good punchline. Anyone?

Are You Ready?

Laguna Beach: The Storm Is HereIt won't surprise me one bit if this darn storm just blew itself out and we got very little rain from it. It has happened before.

But best be prepared.

I spent late morning downtown getting photos of this and that. I had planed to get a good storm photo and convert it to B&W. But dang if this guy didn't walk past me with a rain jacket the same color as the surf conditions flag.

Couldn't resist.

Be safe.

What Laguna Creek Looked Like At Main Beach Yesterday

Laguna Beach: Laguna Creek TerminusTides:
01:19 AM 4.18 feet High Tide
06:33 AM Sunrise
08:24 AM 1.66 feet Low Tide
10:33 AM Moonset
01:58 PM 2.76 feet High Tide
05:38 PM Sunset
06:57 PM 1.97 feet Low Tide