Monday, August 31, 2015

Night At The Festival of Arts

Laguna Beach: Night Sky Made To OrderToday is your last opportunity to see the Festival Of Arts as it will never be seen again.

A new interior look for next year and beyond.

04:48 AM -0.24 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Sunrise
08:33 AM Moonset
11:03 AM 5.68 feet High Tide
05:05 PM 0.48 feet Low Tide
07:18 PM Sunset
08:47 PM Moonrise
11:14 PM 5.67 feet High Tide

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Full Moon Over Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Full Moon Over Laguna Beach

Sunset On PCH

Laguna Beach: Sunset On PCHDo you know where I took this photo?

I went downtown yesterday around 6:30PM and realized fairly quickly that was not a good idea. The traffic was backed up everywhere. I went down Park to Glenneyre because 3rd street was dead.

Turning onto Glenneyre I realized there wasn't any of the volunteer traffic controllers that we usually get when traffic is really bad. And traffic was worse than really bad.

I ended up turning onto Mermaid and back up 3rd street and then over to the USA gas station. Filled the car up and went on home.

End of trip.

PS: I was going to the Festival of the Arts to get some sunset and night photos on the grounds.

04:11 AM -0.55 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Sunrise
07:23 AM Moonset
10:24 AM 5.49 feet High Tide
04:14 PM 0.58 feet Low Tide
07:19 PM Sunset
08:05 PM Moonrise
10:24 PM 6.19 feet High Tide

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Weekend For The Festivals

Laguna Beach: Last Weekend For The FestivalsTides:
03:34 AM -0.67 feet Low Tide
06:14 AM Moonset
06:23 AM Sunrise
09:47 AM 5.20 feet High Tide
11:37 AM Full Moon
03:26 PM 0.83 feet Low Tide
07:21 PM Sunset
07:23 PM Moonrise
09:37 PM 6.49 feet High Tide

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lets Eat

Laguna Beach: Lets EatTides:
02:58 AM -0.59 feet Low Tide
05:05 AM Moonset
06:22 AM Sunrise
09:12 AM 4.84 feet High Tide
02:40 PM 1.20 feet Low Tide
06:38 PM Moonrise
07:22 PM Sunset
08:52 PM 6.55 feet High Tide

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Below The Montage

Laguna Beach: Below The MontagePlenty of beach not so much parking. Solution is to take the bus.

02:22 AM -0.34 feet Low Tide
03:58 AM Moonset
06:21 AM Sunrise
08:39 AM 4.45 feet High Tide
01:54 PM 1.64 feet Low Tide
05:52 PM Moonrise
07:23 PM Sunset
08:07 PM 6.38 feet High Tide

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Laguna Beach - It Is An Old Town

Laguna Beach: it is An Old TownTides:
01:46 AM 0.06 feet Low Tide
02:56 AM Moonset
06:21 AM Sunrise
08:06 AM 4.05 feet High Tide
01:06 PM 2.08 feet Low Tide
05:02 PM Moonrise
07:22 PM 6.04 feet High Tide
07:24 PM Sunset

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sidewalk Obstacle Course

Laguna Beach: Sidewalk Obstacle CoursePlanters, trees, parking meters on narrow sidewalks. Something needs to go. But will it?

01:07 AM 0.55 feet Low Tide
01:57 AM Moonset
06:20 AM Sunrise
07:32 AM 3.67 feet High Tide
12:12 PM 2.45 feet Low Tide
04:10 PM Moonrise
06:34 PM 5.60 feet High Tide
07:26 PM Sunset