Tuesday, November 24, 2015

And The Voice Said: Let There Be Volleyball

Laguna Beach: And The Voice Said: Let There Be VolleyballTides:
12:57 AM 1.03 feet Low Tide
04:56 AM Moonset
06:31 AM Sunrise
07:16 AM 6.65 feet High Tide
02:10 PM -0.97 feet Low Tide
04:12 PM Moonrise
04:44 PM Sunset
08:25 PM 4.45 feet High Tide

Monday, November 23, 2015

Could This Be Homeland Security?

Laguna Beach: Could This Be Homeland Security?Tides:
12:15 AM 0.87 feet Low Tide
03:48 AM Moonset
06:30 AM Sunrise
06:37 AM 6.31 feet High Tide
01:25 PM -0.49 feet Low Tide
03:26 PM Moonrise
04:44 PM Sunset
07:33 PM 4.44 feet High Tide

Sunday, November 22, 2015

We Get All Kinds In Laguna

Laguna Beach: We Get All Kinds In LagunaTides:
02:41 AM Moonset
05:58 AM 5.84 feet High Tide
06:29 AM Sunrise
12:38 PM 0.18 feet Low Tide
02:43 PM Moonrise
04:45 PM Sunset
06:38 PM 4.35 feet High Tide

Saturday, November 21, 2015

View From Brooks St

Laguna Beach: View From Brooks StTides:
01:34 AM Moonset
05:19 AM 5.30 feet High Tide
06:28 AM Sunrise
11:48 AM 0.97 feet Low Tide
02:02 PM Moonrise
04:45 PM Sunset
05:37 PM 4.22 feet High Tide
11:30 PM 0.74 feet Low Tide

Friday, November 20, 2015

El Pasceo

Laguna Beach: El PasceoTides:
12:29 AM Moonset
04:38 AM 4.76 feet High Tide
06:27 AM Sunrise
10:50 AM 1.79 feet Low Tide
01:22 PM Moonrise
04:26 PM 4.11 feet High Tide
04:46 PM Sunset
10:42 PM 0.65 feet Low Tide

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Breaching Whale

Laguna Beach: Breaching WhaleBreaching Whale is not an easy subject to photograph. It's in a crappy location. I really like this sculpture but the surroundings make it very difficult to get an interesting photo. I usually try to take the photo from the opposite side but today I just wanted to try something different. Ends up it isn't any better or worse than any other picture I've taken of the Breaching Whale.

Maybe this winter with El Nino I just may get the picture I've been after since Breaching Whale was installed.

What picture you ask? I have no idea but I will know it when I see it.

Don't we all.

03:52 AM 4.26 feet High Tide
06:26 AM Sunrise
09:32 AM 2.49 feet Low Tide
12:42 PM Moonrise
03:00 PM 4.10 feet High Tide
04:46 PM Sunset
09:48 PM 0.59 feet Low Tide

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Note For Paris, A Message For All

Laguna Beach: A Note For Paris, A Message For All

The World Is Beautiful By The Sea
The People In Paris, France Would Agree
That Freedom Is No Longer Free
Pay Your Respects
Don’t Let It Be . . .

- Anonymous

Games People Play

Laguna Beach: Games People PlayTides:
02:55 AM 3.86 feet High Tide
06:25 AM Sunrise
07:43 AM 2.90 feet Low Tide
12:01 PM Moonrise
01:24 PM 4.32 feet High Tide
04:47 PM Sunset
08:46 PM 0.51 feet Low Tide
10:28 PM First Quarter
11:25 PM Moonset