Friday, April 28, 2017

This Driver Is Correct It's All The Fault Of Pedestrians

Laguna Beach: Drives Through Pedestrians That's right we have no business crossing any street where vehicles need to pass. We need to get out there way. So even though this moran went through a red light and he has no RED flag on the lumber that extends more than 3 ft from the rear of the truck he his still A OK. It is the Pedestrians fault for even being downtown to begin with. Why Pedestrians would need to cross any street in Laguna Beach is a wonder to me.

And David Hansen agrees with me. Don't you Dave.

Friday Photo: Another Canopy Is Completed

Laguna Beach: New Canopy Cover At The Festival GroundsThey have completed this canopy and they are now removing the equipment used to stretch the material as tight as possible.

Slice Pizza & Beer, Opening This Summer

Laguna Beach: Slice Pizza & Beer, Opening This SummerThe building is being rehabbed and it's at the corner of 3rd and Forest.

Couldn't help myself in photographing this b&w image of the building. Sometimes the Artsy-Fartsy in me takes control.

05:28 AM -1.13 feet Low Tide
06:05 AM Sunrise
08:09 AM Moonrise
11:50 AM 4.04 feet High Tide
05:00 PM 1.28 feet Low Tide
07:32 PM Sunset
10:18 PM Moonset
11:17 PM 6.03 feet High Tide

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Drivers That Suck

Laguna Beach: Throwback Thursday: Drivers That SuckSome things never change. Drivers sucked back in November 2007 and they still suck at stopping for people.

What is interesting is the pedestrians really didn't get upset over this. There is an elderly person with a walker and they don't seem upset.

I don't get it.

PS: the only time anyone gets upset is when pedestrians block the orderly flow of traffic on PCH. Isn't that right Mr David Hansen?

04:38 AM -1.07 feet Low Tide
06:06 AM Sunrise
07:19 AM Moonrise
10:54 AM 4.39 feet High Tide
04:19 PM 0.84 feet Low Tide
07:31 PM Sunset
09:09 PM Moonset
10:34 PM 6.19 feet High Tide

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rasta Taco

Laguna Beach: Rasta TacoIt's on Ocean Ave or maybe it's Beach Ave. You decide.

03:51 AM -0.81 feet Low Tide
05:18 AM New Moon
06:07 AM Sunrise
06:33 AM Moonrise
10:03 AM 4.65 feet High Tide
03:41 PM 0.47 feet Low Tide
07:30 PM Sunset
08:00 PM Moonset
09:55 PM 6.14 feet High Tide

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Bench With A View

Laguna Beach: Bench With A ViewTides:
03:07 AM -0.35 feet Low Tide
05:51 AM Moonrise
06:08 AM Sunrise
09:15 AM 4.79 feet High Tide
03:05 PM 0.20 feet Low Tide
06:51 PM Moonset
07:30 PM Sunset
09:19 PM 5.91 feet High Tide

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Forest Downtown

Laguna Beach: The Forest DowntownTides:
02:26 AM 0.23 feet Low Tide
05:11 AM Moonrise
06:10 AM Sunrise
08:28 AM 4.78 feet High Tide
02:30 PM 0.04 feet Low Tide
05:43 PM Moonset
07:29 PM Sunset
08:45 PM 5.55 feet High Tide

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heisler Park Ecological Reserve

Laguna Beach: Heisler Park Ecological  ReserveDon't ask me. I'm just telling you what the signs says.

01:05 AM 1.53 feet Low Tide
03:54 AM Moonrise
06:12 AM Sunrise
06:54 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
01:23 PM 0.05 feet Low Tide
03:33 PM Moonset
07:27 PM Sunset
07:47 PM 4.63 feet High Tide

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Where's The View?

Laguna Beach: Park Bench With A View?They put in benches so we can relax and enjoy the view and then they plant landscaping that blocks that view. Why?

01:46 AM 0.88 feet Low Tide
04:33 AM Moonrise
06:11 AM Sunrise
07:42 AM 4.64 feet High Tide
01:57 PM -0.01 feet Low Tide
04:37 PM Moonset
07:28 PM Sunset
08:15 PM 5.10 feet High Tide