Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Summer Business Continues

Laguna Beach: C. Bliss, Booth 73Now that the weekend brew-ha-ha is over it’s time to get back to the business of art and surf. OK, food too.

Festival of Arts, Christopher Bliss, Booth 73

04:26 AM -0.65 feet Low Tide
06:18 AM Sunrise
07:13 AM Moonrise
10:43 AM 5.01 feet High Tide
04:18 PM 1.15 feet Low Tide
07:29 PM Sunset
08:21 PM Moonset
10:24 PM 6.20 feet High Tide

Monday, August 21, 2017

Are We Back To Normal Yet?

Laguna Beach: Main BeachWhile all the demonstrations were going on the business of Summer continued. Lifeguards stated it was a smaller than usual crowd at the beach. Could that be because less that fifty Trump supporters showed up.

So, the city got screwed coming (No one at the beach.) and going (An expensive Trump demonstration.)

Who approved this thing. Saturday, it was just the local police that handled the anti-Trump demonstration. Sunday less than 50 Trump supporters will cost this city thousands.

So, who pays for this joke of a demonstration?

03:50 AM -0.86 feet Low Tide
06:08 AM Moonrise
06:18 AM Sunrise
10:08 AM 4.88 feet High Tide
11:31 AM New Moon
03:33 PM 1.25 feet Low Tide
07:30 PM Sunset
07:41 PM Moonset
09:41 PM 6.55 feet High Tide

Sunday, August 20, 2017

So Who Pays For This BS Event?

Laguna Beach: Police Out Number Trump SupportersUnless the majority of law enforcement are Trump supporters then the Trump supporters were vastly outnumbered.

The photo expresses the heavy law enforcement that outnumbered Trump supporters.

The BIG question is who pays for all this security for an event that was a big nothing?

More Protesting Today At 6PM

Laguna Beach: Protesters At Main Beach ParkThe protesters of the political right will be at Main Beach Park at 6PM (That time may change.) There will also be a march from the city hall to Main Beach park by those of the political left.

I guess the two groups will meet each other at Main Beach park for a “Meet & Greet.” Good luck with that.

The photo was taken Saturday during the left's protest at Main Beach Park.

Maybe we change the name to Protest Park?

I’m trying to be neutral here but it ain’t easy.

The information for the protest demonstrations was gotten from the Indy.

03:12 AM -0.89 feet Low Tide
05:03 AM Moonrise
06:17 AM Sunrise
09:31 AM 4.68 feet High Tide
02:48 PM 1.46 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Moonset
07:31 PM Sunset
08:57 PM 6.70 feet High Tide

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Left Protests Policies of Pres Trump

Laguna Beach: The Left Protests Policies of Pres TrumpA large crowd, large for Laguna Beach, was out in force at Main Beach park protesting the policies of the extreme right of the political spectrum.

Tomorrow at 6PM it will the EXTREME Right's turn to make their beliefs heard.

Laguna Beach: The Left Protests Policies of Pres Trump

The Real Portal To Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: The Real Portal To Laguna BeachHere we celebrate the people not automobiles. We celebrate people benches not automobile parking spaces. Here we celebrate walking not driving. All is within easy walking distance with no automobiles needed or wanted.

02:31 AM -0.71 feet Low Tide
03:58 AM Moonrise
06:16 AM Sunrise
08:54 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
02:00 PM 1.75 feet Low Tide
06:09 PM Moonset
07:32 PM Sunset
08:11 PM 6.65 feet High Tide

Friday, August 18, 2017

Laguna Canyon Rd

Laguna Beach: Laguna Canyon Rd At Festival of ArtsAcross the street is a public parking lot that has been named East Parkingstan by my friend and fellow photographer Jim Nordstrom. Jim’s work can be seen at the Festival, Booth #6.

01:46 AM -0.34 feet Low Tide
02:55 AM Moonrise
06:16 AM Sunrise
08:12 AM 4.07 feet High Tide
01:07 PM 2.05 feet Low Tide
05:15 PM Moonset
07:22 PM 6.42 feet High Tide
07:33 PM Sunset

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Sculptures On The Lawn

Laguna Beach: Andy Myers’ Sculptures On The GrassAndy Myers booth on the lawn. In 2008 the sculpture artists still had booth space on the lawn. I think this was the last year they were able to display their art on the green.

Andy Myers is in Booth 28 this year.

12:55 AM 0.19 feet Low Tide
01:57 AM Moonrise
06:15 AM Sunrise
07:22 AM 3.71 feet High Tide
12:04 PM 2.28 feet Low Tide
04:16 PM Moonset
06:27 PM 6.06 feet High Tide
07:34 PM Sunset

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Watch Out For That Wave!

Laguna Beach: It Got Me AlsoIt Got Me As Well.

12:17 AM Moonrise
04:25 AM 3.24 feet High Tide
06:13 AM Sunrise
09:21 AM 2.14 feet Low Tide
02:09 PM Moonset
04:18 PM 5.31 feet High Tide
07:37 PM Sunset
11:50 PM 0.82 feet Low Tide