Thursday, October 20, 2016

WTF Is In The Creek?

Laguna Beach: WTF Is In The Creek?This was the status of the creek at it terminus at Main Beach Tuesday afternoon. Don't know where it came from but my guess is up stream. Whatever it is it is ugly looking stuff.

01:27 AM 3.94 feet High Tide
06:18 AM 2.27 feet Low Tide
07:01 AM Sunrise
11:52 AM Moonset
12:38 PM 5.66 feet High Tide
06:11 PM Sunset
08:03 PM 0.00 feet Low Tide
10:35 PM Moonrise

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sunset From The Heisler Tide Pools At Low Tide

Laguna Beach: Sunset From The Heisler Tide Pools At Low TideTides:
12:15 AM 4.32 feet High Tide
05:25 AM 1.76 feet Low Tide
07:00 AM Sunrise
10:50 AM Moonset
11:43 AM 6.10 feet High Tide
06:12 PM Sunset
06:52 PM -0.30 feet Low Tide
09:38 PM Moonrise

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bird Rock

Laguna Beach: Bird RockTides:
04:41 AM 1.26 feet Low Tide
06:59 AM Sunrise
09:44 AM Moonset
10:57 AM 6.39 feet High Tide
05:51 PM -0.56 feet Low Tide
06:13 PM Sunset
08:43 PM Moonrise

Monday, October 17, 2016

Heisler Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Heisler Tide PoolsTides:
04:02 AM 0.81 feet Low Tide
06:58 AM Sunrise
08:34 AM Moonset
10:15 AM 6.48 feet High Tide
04:57 PM -0.66 feet Low Tide
06:14 PM Sunset
07:53 PM Moonrise
11:15 PM 4.76 feet High Tide

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Painting + Palette

Laguna Beach: Painting + PaletteTides:
03:24 AM 0.47 feet Low Tide
06:57 AM Sunrise
07:24 AM Moonset
09:37 AM 6.37 feet High Tide
04:08 PM -0.54 feet Low Tide
06:15 PM Sunset
07:05 PM Moonrise
10:22 PM 5.14 feet High Tide

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Busy Saturday In Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Farmer's MarketFirst up is the Farmer’s Market. Always busy every Saturday.

Laguna Beach: A21Next up is the organization A21. They are a non-profit organization who believes that we can end human trafficking together. They were at Main Beach Park. See their latest posts on social media and be a part of their global #WalkForFreedom community!

Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach Volleyball OpenTaking over the courts this weekend is the Laguna Beach Volleyball Open. PS: The games hadn't started yet but I can't resist a good umbrella photo. Sunday should also be a good day for volleyball.

Laguna Beach: Plein Air Painters A PlentyPainting by Suzie Baker: Painting The Painters Painting. That’s Ms Baker’s title for the painting. I think there were at least 6 painters painting the young woman. You can still visit with and enjoy the art demonstrations today until 5 p.m. and tomorrow: 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. PS: They're at Tivoli Too.

Heisler Tide Pools At Low Tide

Laguna Beach: Heisler Tide PoolsTides:
02:49 AM 0.25 feet Low Tide
06:15 AM Moonset
06:56 AM Sunrise
09:01 AM 6.09 feet High Tide
03:22 PM -0.22 feet Low Tide
06:16 PM Sunset
06:22 PM Moonrise
09:25 PM Full Moon
09:33 PM 5.40 feet High Tide

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sunset At Heisler Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Sunset At Heisler Tide PoolsTides:
02:14 AM 0.16 feet Low Tide
05:06 AM Moonset
06:56 AM Sunrise
08:28 AM 5.69 feet High Tide
02:39 PM 0.28 feet Low Tide
05:40 PM Moonrise
06:18 PM Sunset
08:45 PM 5.48 feet High Tide