Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hot With Clear Skies

Laguna Beach: Hot With Clear SkiesTides:
03:48 AM 0.91 feet Low Tide
06:40 AM Sunrise
08:02 AM Moonrise
09:55 AM 5.83 feet High Tide
04:34 PM -0.73 feet Low Tide
05:30 PM Sunset
08:11 PM Moonset
10:55 PM 4.88 feet High Tide

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

High Tide With Dead Calm Ocean

Laguna Beach: High Tide With Dead Calm OceanWith dead calm ocean surf the high tide didn't get much support.

The show was flat.

03:01 AM 1.03 feet Low Tide
06:41 AM Sunrise
07:20 AM Moonrise
09:11 AM 6.19 feet High Tide
03:57 PM -1.05 feet Low Tide
05:30 PM Sunset
07:04 PM Moonset
10:16 PM 4.74 feet High Tide

Monday, February 08, 2016

Adjacent To Heisler Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Adjacent To Heisler Tide PoolsI believe this is the lowest Low Tide for the winter.

Be interesting to see how fast the sand returns to this section of beach.

Beach Sand Nearly Encroaching On The Boardwalk.

Laguna Beach: Beach Sand Nearly Encroaching On The Boardwalk.Tides:
02:18 AM 1.23 feet Low Tide
06:36 AM Moonrise
06:40 AM New Moon
06:42 AM Sunrise
08:30 AM 6.31 feet High Tide
03:22 PM -1.18 feet Low Tide
05:29 PM Sunset
05:57 PM Moonset
09:40 PM 4.55 feet High Tide

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Dusk On Ocean Ave

Laguna Beach: Dusk On Ocean AveTides:
01:36 AM 1.50 feet Low Tide
05:49 AM Moonrise
06:43 AM Sunrise
07:50 AM 6.23 feet High Tide
02:48 PM -1.13 feet Low Tide
04:52 PM Moonset
05:28 PM Sunset
09:06 PM 4.30 feet High Tide

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Picnic Beach At Low Tide

Laguna Beach: Picnic Beach At Low TideTides:
12:55 AM 1.78 feet Low Tide
05:00 AM Moonrise
06:44 AM Sunrise
07:11 AM 5.98 feet High Tide
02:15 PM -0.91 feet Low Tide
03:49 PM Moonset
05:27 PM Sunset
08:34 PM 4.03 feet High Tide

Friday, February 05, 2016

Rock Pile At Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Rock Pile At Main BeachFirst there is all the exposed rock formations down towards the Heisler Tide Pools now we have a mini rock pile at Main Beach.

What's next?

Monday we have the highest, 6.31 feet, and the lowest, -1.18 feet, tides of the Winter.

Should be interesting.

PS: If I'm wrong about the highest and lowest tides for the Winter let me know in the Comments.


Memorial Point At Low Tide

Laguna Beach: Memorial Point At Low TideTides:

12:12 AM 2.04 feet Low Tide
04:08 AM Moonrise
06:32 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
06:44 AM Sunrise
01:43 PM -0.56 feet Low Tide
02:50 PM Moonset
05:26 PM Sunset
08:03 PM 3.74 feet High Tide

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Just Another First Thursday

Laguna Beach: Exposed Rock Formations Usually Buried Under SandWith road blocks at nearly every turn this probably won't be just another First Thursday.

It will be a negative low tide today. Makes for a good opportunity to see what lays beneath the sand most days and years.

03:10 AM Moonrise
06:05 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
06:41 AM Sunrise
01:18 PM -0.14 feet Low Tide
01:54 PM Moonset
05:23 PM Sunset
07:40 PM 3.81 feet High Tide