Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dawson Cole Sculpture Garden

Laguna Beach: Dawson Cole Sculpture GardenTides:
12:32 AM 2.07 feet Low Tide
03:19 AM Moonset
06:16 AM 4.35 feet High Tide
06:43 AM Sunrise
01:16 PM 0.15 feet Low Tide
02:22 PM Moonrise
07:09 PM Sunset
07:48 PM 3.97 feet High Tide

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lover's Cove

Laguna Beach: Lover’s CoveTides:
02:37 AM Moonset
05:08 AM 4.24 feet High Tide
06:44 AM Sunrise
12:30 PM 0.26 feet Low Tide
01:29 PM Moonrise
07:09 PM Sunset
07:16 PM 3.70 feet High Tide

Friday, March 27, 2015

Gulls Own The Airspace Above Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Gulls Over Main BeachWent down to Main Beach to see if we got any of the big swells but unfortunatly we didn't. Maybe next time.

So the gulls decided to have some fun with me. There was a nice breeze and the gulls were taking advantage of some fun time and doing it directly above me. I sometimes think they know me because this isn't the first time they have done this.

The Round Tree

Laguna Beach: The Round TreeHow many times have I walked this street and passed this tree?

And never really saw it.

It's round.

How in the name of tree trimming do they do that?

It's not just round but almost perfectly round.

I need answers people.

I was going to post a picture showing all, mostly all, the crappy palm trees in Heisler Part.

But this is way better.

12:43 AM First Quarter
01:51 AM Moonset
03:42 AM 4.29 feet High Tide
06:46 AM Sunrise
11:27 AM 0.40 feet Low Tide
12:36 PM Moonrise
06:28 PM 3.39 feet High Tide
07:08 PM Sunset
11:21 PM 2.40 feet Low Tide

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Kid's View

Laguna Beach: The Kid’s ViewTides:
01:01 AM Moonset
02:18 AM 4.58 feet High Tide
06:47 AM Sunrise
10:02 AM 0.46 feet Low Tide
11:43 AM Moonrise
05:04 PM 3.10 feet High Tide
07:07 PM Sunset
09:29 PM 2.48 feet Low Tide

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Suck At Parking

Laguna Beach: 150325-D014ou Suck At ParkingLet me count the ways. 1. Parked going in the wrong direction. 2. Parked half in, half out of the parking spot. 3. You can't see this but the temporary registration is folded up so that it's unreadable. So only the VIN number is visible. 4. Where's the parking patrol when you really want them?

That felt good. Haven't done a SUCK picture in a while.

How Dry Is It?

Laguna Beach: Dry Tree In Laguna WildernessSo dry the park could close due to fire danger? Could happen.

12:05 AM Moonset
01:13 AM 4.99 feet High Tide
06:48 AM Sunrise
08:32 AM 0.31 feet Low Tide
10:52 AM Moonrise
03:07 PM 3.10 feet High Tide
07:06 PM Sunset
07:47 PM 2.15 feet Low Tide

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Palm View

Laguna Beach: Palm ViewTides:
12:22 AM 5.38 feet High Tide
06:50 AM Sunrise
07:17 AM 0.01 feet Low Tide
10:02 AM Moonrise
01:35 PM 3.49 feet High Tide
06:46 PM 1.62 feet Low Tide
07:06 PM Sunset

Monday, March 23, 2015

It Is Spring

Laguna Beach: It Is Spring

Zero Parking During Haggen Change Over

Laguna Beach: Parking Lot FullApparently the Haggen Stores management hired a gozillion workers for the Albertsons to Haggen change over.

It was interesting watching Mercedes vs BMW conflicts over a single parking space. Then they find out it was for naught because the grocery store is closed.

I lucked out and got a space right in front of the CVS entrance. You should have seen the dirty looks I got from a spoiled woman in a BMW. That alone made it all worth while.

Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Main BeachTides:
06:16 AM -0.29 feet Low Tide
06:51 AM Sunrise
09:15 AM Moonrise
12:28 PM 4.08 feet High Tide
06:01 PM 1.01 feet Low Tide
07:05 PM Sunset
11:05 PM Moonset