Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Heisler Point

Laguna Beach: Heisler PointTides:
12:15 AM 1.29 feet Low Tide
02:34 AM Moonrise
05:42 AM Sunrise
05:55 AM 3.80 feet High Tide
11:56 AM 0.62 feet Low Tide
03:08 PM Moonset
06:33 PM 5.34 feet High Tide
07:56 PM Sunset

Monday, May 30, 2016

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have A Memorial Day Like This One?

Laguna Beach: I suspect it will not happen.

But that's War And Death. It's Miserable.

01:55 AM Moonrise
04:33 AM 3.79 feet High Tide
05:42 AM Sunrise
11:04 AM 0.49 feet Low Tide
02:03 PM Moonset
05:52 PM 4.80 feet High Tide
07:55 PM Sunset

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Main Beach In Good Shape For The Weekend Crowds

Laguna Beach: Plenty of Dry Beach at Main BeachNow we need the weather to cooperate.

Please, pretty please.

01:15 AM Moonrise
03:01 AM 3.97 feet High Tide
05:13 AM Last Quarter
05:43 AM Sunrise
10:07 AM 0.37 feet Low Tide
12:59 PM Moonset
05:08 PM 4.28 feet High Tide
07:55 PM Sunset
11:05 PM 2.03 feet Low Tide

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Parklet Ready For It's Debut

Laguna Beach: Mini-Park is ready for it’s debut.And the view is great. Not having giant SUVs parked in the parklet's two parking spaces makes for an interesting view. Maybe NO vehicles on Forest will make for an even better view.

One complaint was the problem of getting in and out of a vehicle parked next to the parklet. In that case just label those two spaces for Compacts. Problem solved. Really?

Here is an article in the Coastline Pilot that explains it all. Well almost all. But the best paragraph is the last. Hard to believe someone really believes the loss of two parking spaces will effect business but there it is.
Other Forest Avenue business owners said the loss of two parking spaces for 60 days, especially during the summer, would hurt sales.

The List

Laguna Beach: The ListThe young woman in front of me had an order for her entire group. I though, no no, this is going to take forever. It didn't. Some people have it together. She did for sure. And it turns out having one order for several takes LESS time because there is only one transaction for the entire order.

When I left downtown it was already crowded and parking was spare.

Bird Rock

Laguna Beach: Bird RockTides:
12:35 AM Moonrise
01:37 AM 4.31 feet High Tide
05:43 AM Sunrise
09:07 AM 0.21 feet Low Tide
11:57 AM Moonset
04:17 PM 3.86 feet High Tide
07:54 PM Sunset
09:31 PM 2.54 feet Low Tide

Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Iconic Lifeguard Tower

Laguna Beach: Our Iconic Lifeguard TowerTides:
12:33 AM 4.71 feet High Tide
05:43 AM Sunrise
08:09 AM 0.04 feet Low Tide
10:56 AM Moonset
03:17 PM 3.55 feet High Tide
07:45 PM 2.70 feet Low Tide
07:54 PM Sunset

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Old Fellow

Laguna Beach: Old FellowFound at Big Bend

05:44 AM Sunrise
07:15 AM -0.14 feet Low Tide
09:58 AM Moonset
02:13 PM 3.40 feet High Tide
06:23 PM 2.59 feet Low Tide
07:53 PM Sunset
11:53 PM Moonrise

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Utilities In The Canyon

Laguna Beach: Utilities In The CanyonWhen traveling through the canyon you're probably concentrating on the road and not taking in all the utilities that also run through the canyon. As time goes by they just kept adding more and more utilities to the poles.

Have to wonder after all the work they're doing to place utilities underground just how much will be left above ground. Hopefully nothing but the main power lines that keep our TVs on.

And the undergrounding project will stop June 17 and continue after Labor Day.

Laguna Beach: Utilities In The Canyon

Classic Laguna Canyon

Laguna Beach: Classic Laguna CanyonIncludes the surfboard hanging from the exterior rafters.

05:44 AM Sunrise
06:29 AM -0.31 feet Low Tide
09:02 AM Moonset
01:12 PM 3.38 feet High Tide
05:28 PM 2.38 feet Low Tide
07:52 PM Sunset
11:09 PM Moonrise
11:45 PM 5.05 feet High Tide