Monday, January 26, 2015

Crescent Bay

Laguna Beach: Crescent BayTides:
01:48 AM 4.96 feet High Tide
06:51 AM Sunrise
08:34 AM 1.29 feet Low Tide
11:00 AM Moonrise
02:16 PM 3.31 feet High Tide
05:16 PM Sunset
07:59 PM 1.28 feet Low Tide
08:49 PM First Quarter

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blowing My Horn

Laguna Beach: Blowing My HornTides:
12:49 AM 4.91 feet High Tide
06:51 AM Sunrise
06:59 AM 1.37 feet Low Tide
10:20 AM Moonrise
12:46 PM 4.00 feet High Tide
05:15 PM Sunset
07:00 PM 0.67 feet Low Tide
11:25 PM Moonset

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Laguna Creek At Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Laguna Creek At Main BeachTides:
05:43 AM 1.29 feet Low Tide
06:52 AM Sunrise
09:40 AM Moonrise
11:39 AM 4.83 feet High Tide
05:14 PM Sunset
06:11 PM 0.01 feet Low Tide
10:21 PM Moonset

Friday, January 23, 2015

Joseph Kleitsch On The Antiques Roadshow

A painting by Joseph Kleitsch was highlighted on the Antiques Roadshow at New York, Part 2.

I'm going to keep the surprise but the segment is at the end of this episode at 52:55 minutes. Well worth the viewing.

Go to: Antiques Roadshow, New York, Part 2. Don't know how long it will be up at PBS so don't delay.

It's really is worth the viewing.

Additional Sources:

There Is A Crack In The Plan

Laguna Beach: There Is A Crack In The PlanTides:
2015-01-23 Fri 04:41 AM 1.20 feet Low Tide
2015-01-23 Fri 06:52 AM Sunrise
2015-01-23 Fri 09:00 AM Moonrise
2015-01-23 Fri 10:44 AM 5.61 feet High Tide
2015-01-23 Fri 05:13 PM Sunset
2015-01-23 Fri 05:26 PM -0.60 feet Low Tide
2015-01-23 Fri 09:15 PM Moonset
2015-01-23 Fri 11:57 PM 4.86 feet High Tide

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beach Surf As Art

Laguna Beach: Beach Surf As ArtYea I know it isn't art but you know that saying: It's art if the artist says so. So I say so. There.

Don't worry I got more of this stuff. I been having to much fun down at Main Beach lately.

03:46 AM 1.18 feet Low Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
08:18 AM Moonrise
09:55 AM 6.21 feet High Tide
04:44 PM -1.09 feet Low Tide
05:12 PM Sunset
08:07 PM Moonset
11:10 PM 4.78 feet High Tide

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heisler Tide Pools Big Splash

Laguna Beach: Heisler Tide Pools Big SplashBetter results today. High tde was later in the morning and the Sun was out. The good results at Heisler Point wasn't due to the high tide but the tide level being just right for these big splashes. To low the tide and the surf gets absorbed by the sea bed. To high and the surf travels over the rocks. Maybe even the time of the year has an effect. Don't know.

High Tide, Low Entertainment

Laguna Beach: Result Of The High TideMy bath tub gets bigger surf. The creek flowing backwards, kinda, was the high point of the show.

02:55 AM 1.25 feet Low Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
07:33 AM Moonrise
09:08 AM 6.58 feet High Tide
04:04 PM -1.40 feet Low Tide
05:11 PM Sunset
06:58 PM Moonset
10:26 PM 4.64 feet High Tide

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Royal Tern?

Laguna Beach: Royal TernI'm no expert on birds. Not even close. I used by copy of 'A Field Guide To Western Birds' by Roger Tory Peterson, to maybe determine this is a Royal Tern.

I photographed this Tern down at Main Beach. It was the only one there but there could be others down at the Heisler Tide Pools.

Any experts out there that can confirm that this is a Royal Tern? If it isn't was is it?

No Drama This Morning

Laguna Beach: No Drama At High Tide Went down in the misty, cold, overcast, no light morning to photograph the high tide and saw nothing but a flat, do nothing surf at Main Beach. Because of the build-up of sand the surf was probably 3 feet below the high point of the beach.

This photo sums up my disappointment.

Big Surf In The Morning

Laguna Beach: Big SurfThey're predicting big surf this morning. We'll have a 6.7 feet high tide at 08:30 AM. I usually get down to Main Beach at least a half-hour before the high tide. So if you're nuts enough to get down there at 08:00 AM so be it.

See you there.

02:08 AM 1.40 feet Low Tide
05:14 AM New Moon
06:44 AM Moonrise
06:54 AM Sunrise
08:23 AM 6.70 feet High Tide
03:24 PM -1.50 feet Low Tide
05:10 PM Sunset
05:49 PM Moonset
09:45 PM 4.46 feet High Tide