Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Heat Continues

Laguna Beach: The Heat ContinuesThe high yesterday was 87.

02:16 AM 0.20 feet Low Tide
04:50 AM Moonrise
06:58 AM Sunrise
08:33 AM 5.52 feet High Tide
02:43 PM 0.56 feet Low Tide
05:27 PM Moonset
06:14 PM Sunset
08:42 PM 5.23 feet High Tide

Monday, October 16, 2017

Art, Artists, And Models

Laguna Beach: Art, Artists, And ModelsSunday's free open house of the annual plein-air invitational artists displayed their painting skills and their art.

It was hot so the free cold water was much appreciated.

01:40 AM 0.05 feet Low Tide
03:49 AM Moonrise
06:57 AM Sunrise
08:03 AM 5.27 feet High Tide
02:03 PM 0.97 feet Low Tide
04:52 PM Moonset
06:16 PM Sunset
07:58 PM 5.30 feet High Tide

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Planned Umbrella City

Laguna Beach: Planned Umbrella CitySame style, same color, planned. Even the beach chairs are the same. Kind of like Irvine. Boring.

12:59 AM 0.02 feet Low Tide
02:48 AM Moonrise
06:56 AM Sunrise
07:30 AM 4.95 feet High Tide
01:18 PM 1.49 feet Low Tide
04:15 PM Moonset
06:17 PM Sunset
07:09 PM 5.26 feet High Tide

Saturday, October 14, 2017

If You Miss The City Hall Pepper Tree We Have Another

Laguna Beach: Pepper TreeIf you miss the old pepper tree that was at city hall there is another down the street next to the Ocean to Forest parking lot. This one you can actually sit under.

12:10 AM 0.10 feet Low Tide
2017-10-14 Sat 01:45 AM Moonrise
06:53 AM 4.56 feet High Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
12:25 PM 2.07 feet Low Tide
03:34 PM Moonset
06:11 PM 5.13 feet High Tide
06:18 PM Sunset

Friday, October 13, 2017

Plein-Air Painters At Crystal Cove

Laguna Beach: Plein-Air Painters And Beach CrowdThis is my current favorite among my photos of plein-air painters.

12:43 AM Moonrise
06:06 AM 4.14 feet High Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
11:13 AM 2.62 feet Low Tide
02:50 PM Moonset
04:59 PM 4.98 feet High Tide
06:19 PM Sunset

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Favorite Plein-Air Painter Photo

Laguna Beach: Plein-air PaintersThis was taken at Crystal Cove in 2011. Haven’t done better since. Maybe I did and I will show that photo tomorrow.

And, no I didn’t get her name. What do you take me for – a photojournalist?

04:56 AM 3.74 feet High Tide
05:27 AM Last Quarter
06:54 AM Sunrise
09:27 AM 2.91 feet Low Tide
02:00 PM Moonset
03:30 PM 4.97 feet High Tide
06:20 PM Sunset
11:06 PM 0.25 feet Low Tide

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Perfect Day At The Beach: Sunshine And Small Crowd

Laguna Beach: Perfect Day At The BeachAll the Plein-air painters will be at Crystal Cove this morning. I’m going early to photograph the cottages that are at beach level and see how much progress has been made repairing them. Then breakfast. Then some photos of REAL artists.

03:11 AM 3.55 feet High Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
07:32 AM 2.73 feet Low Tide
01:04 PM Moonset
02:00 PM 5.18 feet High Tide
06:22 PM Sunset
09:45 PM 0.37 feet Low Tide
11:41 PM Moonrise